New address from May 2024: Pluimstraat 16 - 9000 Gent

Reprint More Home, More Garden, available from August 2024

Marie-José Van Hee received an Ultima Award, the 2023 Flanders Prize for Architecture on 16 May 2023

2000-03 House De Keersmaecker - Tollebeek
Sint-Amands-aan-de-Schelde, Belgium


with BAS Dirk Jaspaert
with the assistance of Dirk Goyens

photography Kristien Daem





Dubois, Marc, 'Marie-José Van Hee. House De Keersmaecker, Sint-Amandsberg, Belgium 2000-2002', in a+u, Driving through Belgium I, 392, 05, pp.60-63.